Our office represents real estate agents, brokerages, mortgage brokers, contractors and businesses in litigation. All of the attorneys in our office are experienced litigators with substantial knowledge and expertise regarding the local courts. Our office represents clients in all aspects of litigation throughout California and aggressively defends litigation filed against its clients.

Real Estate Transactional Assistance
Our office represents real estate agents, individuals and businesses requiring assistance in any real estate transaction. The services include preparation of specialized transactional documents, and advice and counseling on the implications of existing documentation, handling of residential and commercial transactions from the date of agreement through the close of escrow and drafting recordable agreements, notices and other documents to accomplish the goals of our individual clients.

Construction and Developer Assistance
Our office represents general contractors, subcontractors, and developers of real property in preparing appropriate contracts, resolving disputes related to their business activities and advising them of their obligations under the law. Our office also handles resolving disputes and litigation involving contracts and developers including construction defect, nondisclosure and mechanic's lien actions.

Commercial and Residential Landlord Tenant Assistance
Our office has a broad range of residential and commercial landlords that we assist in managing their real estate properties. Services include drafting of commercial and residential leases, as well as addenda or other agreements necessary to document the landlord's interests and the tenant's obligations. Our office also assists in resolving disputes with tenants as they arise during the tenancy and in unlawful detainer actions, as necessary.

Counseling and Risk Management Training To Prevent Litigation
To avoid litigation and its costs, we provide our clients with assistance in any transaction which may result in a dispute, or which presents unforeseen complications. Ms. Jones also provides risk management training to the firm's real estate agents several times each year to provide up-to-date information to the clients regarding the ever-changing obligations imposed on these professionals.

Once a dispute arises, our office analyzes the merits of each party's position and advises our clients regarding proper resolution. Our office represents clients in mediation and otherwise assists in informal settlement discussions.

Business Formation and Documentation
Our office assists clients in creating proper legal entities to manage their investments, developments, joint ventures, and other real-estate related projects. These services include advice regarding the different legal entities, formation of the entities and annual compliance with reporting requirements.