Law Office Obtains Dismissal of Broker

Law Office Obtains Dismissal of Broker in Sewer Misrepresentation Case

The Shannon B. Jones Law Group recently forced a dismissal of a lawsuit against a selling agent for an alleged misrepresentation that a property was on sewer, when it was on septic. In that case, the listing agent marketed the property as being on sewer. The buyer and selling agent relied upon the representations in the Multiple Listing Service and on the marketing materials. The listing agent had no bases for making that representation. After the close of escrow, when the buyer applied for permits to renovate the property, she discovered that the property was actually on septic and there were significant additional expenses associated with the permits. She sued both listing and selling agents. SBJLG filed a demurrer on behalf of the selling agent on the grounds that plaintiff could not assert a claim as there was no duty on the part of the selling agent to investigate whether the listing agent’s representations were accurate. The court sustained the demurrer. Plaintiff subsequently dismissed the claims against our client, as the plaintiff could not overcome the challenges we raised. Shannon B. Jones and Adam Cederberg handled this matter.

Shannon B. Jones, Partner,