Law Office Obtains Arbitration Decision in Client's Favor

Law Office Obtains Arbitration Decision in Client’s Favor


Recently, a real estate brokerage asserted a claim to a commission against one of our clients.  There were discrepancies in the brokerage’s listing contracts.  For example, there were two (2) listing agreements, one had the box marked to submit a list of buyers with whom the agent had worked as an exemption to any new listing agreements.  A second agreement had the box marked, but no termination date.  Both agreements were terminated by the seller.  The agent submitted a list with the second agreement, but postdated the listing agreement.  The property was subsequently sold to a buyer on the list.  The brokerage demanded more than $45,000 in a commission from our clients.  We successfully represented our client in the arbitration and the arbitration panel awarded the other brokerage nothing.  Shannon B. Jones and Matthew R. Urdan worked on the matter.


Shannon B. Jones, Partner