Court Enters Judgement

Court Enters Judgment in Favor of Investor in Breach of Contract Case After Foreclosure Sale

The Law Group recently obtained a judgment in favor of a client/investor in a breach of contract case after a wrongful foreclosure sale. A client/investor purchased a property at a foreclosure sale. The owner/borrower would not leave. She made an offer to purchase the property from the investor, which was accepted. When she could not perform, he terminated the agreement. The buyer’s daughter and son-in-law wrote another offer to purchase the property. When they could not close the escrow, the investor cancelled the contract and evicted the borrower. The borrower subsequently filed suit claiming breach of contract and breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. Pursuant to a motion for summary judgment, the Court found in favor of the investor and awarded the plaintiff nothing. A motion for sanctions seeking attorneys’ fees against the borrower and her attorney will be heard in December 2015. Shannon B. Jones and Nick D. Fine worked on the matter.

Shannon B. Jones, Partner,