CCAR Disclosure


Contra Costa Association of Realtors’ Disclosure


As previously reported, the Contra Costa Association of Realtors (“CCAR”) has created a new disclosure.  It is recommended that agents working in Contra Costa County utilize that disclosure. 


We have recently received inquiries as to what disclosures and advisories are inclusive of CCAR’s form and do not need to be separately provided.  If CCAR’s disclosure is provided, the following advisories do not need to be separately provided to a buyer:  CLUE; Fireplace; Drought; Electronic Signature; Walnut Creek Smoke; and Wire Fraud. 


Although the information from the Market Condition Advisory is included within the CCAR disclosure, it is still recommended that Market Condition Advisory separately be provided to a buyer prior to writing an offer.  This is particularly important if a buyer is writing a non-contingent offer. 


If you have any questions in this regard, please contact us.


Shannon B. Jones, Partner,