Shannon B. Jones Law Group Obtains Dismissal in Zuckerberg Case


Shannon B. Jones Law Group, Inc. recently obtained a dismissal of a case against a real estate agent without any compensation by the agent.  In Voskerician v. Zuckerberg, plaintiff claimed that as part of an agreement to sell his interest in certain real property, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, agreed to provide him not only with monetary compensation, but with referrals and introductions to friends and family of Facebook.  After the close of escrow, no such introductions were made and plaintiff sued.  SBJLG represented Zuckerberg’s real estate agent in the litigation.  After years of litigation, SBJLG negotiated a settlement whereby the real estate agent was dismissed without any compensation to the plaintiff.

Shannon B. Jones, Hannah Shafsky and Nick Fine worked on this matter, as well as many other members of the SBJLG team.

Shannon B. Jones, Partner, sbj@sbj-law.com